Divorcing Couples Need Advice from an Experienced New York Matrimonial Lawyer

Divorce is an unfortunate reality for some New York couples. Regardless of the financial or familial situation of the spouses and what led to the divorce, one thing is certain: experienced and zealous legal representation is often necessary to ensure your rights are protected and your future is safeguarded during and after the divorce process.

Mehra Law Group, P.C. is experienced in representing New York clients pursing an uncontested divorce as well as those whose divorce is contested. We will assist you in resolving your divorce efficiently while working to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Divorce-Related Matters That We Can Help With

When one spouse files for divorce from the other, the spouses will need to either reach an agreement as to all material and relevant issues that must be decided in terminating the marriage. These include:

  • Grounds for divorce – that is, why the couple is seeking a divorce. Grounds include several fault-based grounds in which one party is alleged to have engaged in wrong conduct or a “no-fault” divorce alleging irreconcilable differences;
  • Residential/physical and legal custody of any children the couple may have;
  • Visitation for the noncustodial parent;
  • Child support that is to be paid by the noncustodial parent;
  • Spousal support, if the facts and circumstances of the parties’ marriage and financial situations warrants such an award;
  • Identification and valuation of marital property; and
  • Division of marital assets in a fair and equitable manner.

If the parties cannot reach an agreement as to each and every issue (through informal discussions or mediation), then the issue and relevant facts will need to be presented to the court for determination.

How a New York Divorce Attorney Can Assist You

Divorce is not easy and an unwary individual can easily and unknowingly forego important rights without realizing he or she is doing so. Or, without knowing the correct legal standards and facts a court would use to decide an issue, a spouse representing him- or herself can have a number of issues decided against him or her, severely impacting his or her life after the divorce.  Do not risk your future: contact the Mehra Law Group at (718) 347-6800 today.