Landlord-Tenant Issues Handled by a Skilled New York Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Powerful advocacy can assist you as a tenant in protecting your legal rights against an aggressive, inattentive, or abusive landlord. Skilled legal counsel can help you as a landlord enforce the terms of your rental agreements, collect rent from delinquent tenants, and evict occupants who are unlawfully present in or on your rental properties. Whether you are a New York landlord or a tenant in New York, the Mehra Law Group’s experienced legal representation can help you save time and resources, letting you focus your attention on your personal life or your business.

Aggressive Assistance to New York Tenants

If you are a tenant in New York, you may feel powerless when dealing with your landlord. You may feel as if you are at the mercy of your landlord’s whims and wishes. In truth, the law grants you important rights and protections throughout your contractual relationship with your landlord: rights that affect the type of housing provided to you, the privacy you enjoy, and when and how your landlord can forcibly remove you from the property.

Relevant and Knowledgeable Legal Assistance for Landlords

Whether private citizens or a corporations, most landlords have three overriding concerns: obtaining prompt rent payment from their tenants, evicting tenants who either do not pay or who break the terms of the rental agreement, and protecting their property from loss and damage. The Mehra Law Group can help landlords:

  • Draft enforceable rental agreements;
  • Take legal action against tenants who break the terms of rental agreements;
  • Pursue collection actions and activities against current or former tenants who owe past due rent or money for damages to the property; and
  • Evict tenants who unlawfully remain in a rented property, in accordance with New York law.

Taking any of these actions without experienced legal assistance and representation can lead to undesired effects like unsuccessful collection or eviction attempts or increased legal costs or sanctions.

Trust your landlord/tenant matter to the Mehra Law Group. We at the Mehra Law Group are dedicated to saving our clients from unnecessary and costly hassles and losses. Contact us today at (718) 347-6800.